Dead Cowboy Brewing won “People’sChoice” award at Brew Riot’s homebrew competition going head to head with 57 other exceptional brewers! Our booth was at the end of the festival, tucked away on a side street at the very back. There were over 3,500 craft beer-loving drinkers who voted, and they made us work for their votes! In fact, it was pretty darn impressive how educated Dallas beer drinkers keep getting every year. The standard is high! Winning “People’s Choice” and hearing all the empathic praises not only filled our hearts but confirmed what we intended to do all along: not just make beer we like, but to make beer the people like and want.

Homebrewer are the coolest kids in town! Since Dead Cowboy Brewing is moving into the big league later this year we’re going to miss being apart of the homebrew group. Although, it will be fun to be on the other side of the booths at next year’s Brew Riot and enjoy ALL those tasty concoctions!

We cant wait to have our own showcase events for homebrewers at the DCB brewery. We’ve got nothing but love for homebrewers and we’re glad to stand with them.